Communication Made A Lot Easier

The founding principles and steps of how to communicate – by Ray G Andrews
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Paperback: 134 pages, Published: 2011
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How many times have you heard “communication breakdown” cited as the cause of a problem? Too often we don’t know where we’ve gone wrong.

In his first book, Communication Made a Lot Easier, Ray Andrews explores the four essential principles of good communication – openness, honesty, frequency and two-way.

Drawing from well-known examples, as well as his personal experience as a senior executive and consultant, Ray demonstrates that all four principles of communication are necessary if we want to build rewarding relationships with our stakeholders and turn communication into action.

An easy and entertaining read, Communication Made a Lot Easier also acts as a guide for anyone working on their communication skills. Structured for easy reference, this book provides communication advice that can be applied to a range of contexts – at home, at work or socially.

Its message is disarmingly simple, but powerful and proven.

Ray maintains that while communication is not a simple task, it can be made much easier through an understanding of its four principles and the four basic steps to follow when we communicate.

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