Our Philosophy

At Andrews Group, we strive for a partnership or alliance with our clients, as opposed to a client-contractor relationship.

This philosophy fosters working relationships that:

  • encourage, rather than stifle, innovation in support of our work for our clients;
  • cause us to always have our clients’ interests at heart – to be forever thinking of ways we can benefit our clients;
  • have us in harmony with our clients – in synchronisation with regard to our respective values, and where we strongly believe in our clients’ vision of where they wish to be in the years ahead;
  • are based on mutual respect;
  • accept desirable change, rather than fearing it, in the belief that positive change is a part of innovation and improvement;
  • minimise unnecessary risks for both parties – our clients and ourselves;
  • practise the four principles of communication – openness, honesty, frequency and that it be two-way; and
  • have at its heart a desire for mutual or shared successes.

Strategic & Tactical Advice

Telephone: +61 3 9654 4480
Email: services@andrewsgroup.com.au

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