growth potential score

Andrews Group offers a new, unique proprietary Growth Potential Score (GPS) service that provides Boards and senior executives with a single score that forecasts our clients’ top-line growth potential, vis-a-vis their major competitors.

An organisation’s growth potential is driven by brand attraction. Some brands have greater attraction than others, and people are motivated to choose the brand they are most attracted to overall. In a mature market, this leads to winners and losers of market share.

Our GPS report includes two new boardroom metrics:

Relative Attraction Score

Measures our clients’ brand attraction relative to an external benchmark (industry-related or otherwise), and can be tracked over time. It provides insights into the overall strength of our clients’ brands, as well as their customers’ brand loyalty; and


Represents an organisation’s net potential gain (or loss) as a percentage of the combined market share of major competitors.

Our report provides insights into the drivers of attraction for the target audience. These diagnostics can help organisations find cost-effective ways of improving attraction, and therefore their brand’s growth potential.

We also provide an integrated service where we advise our clients on research-informed strategies to achieve their growth potential identified via their GPS.