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We offer a full suite of research services, which we use to gather impartial and reliable evidence on the issues confronting our clients, and to inform the development of smart, actionable strategies.

We help our clients through these five repeatable steps

1. Understand

Understand what our clients’ stakeholders think, need, feel, want and expect, using a variety of research methods. Understand our clients’ context, vis-à-vis their internal and external environments.

2. Analyse and strategise

Use the insight about our clients’ stakeholders’ needs and develop a strategy with and for our clients to deliver to those needs. Help our clients be ready to meet their stakeholders’ needs.

3. Communicate

Help our clients communicate to stakeholders what their new or revised services, products, policies and/or approaches are.

4. Deliver

Help our clients deliver the right services, right products, policies and/or approaches to meet their stakeholders’ needs.

5. Monitor

Monitor our clients’ day-to-day performance in delivering to their stakeholders’ needs.


Andrews Group offers a range of qualitative and quantitative research services. We have extensive experience conducting stakeholder research in business settings (including with internal and external stakeholders, and with high-level executives and government ministers and staff, and on technical subject matter) and with the general public.

Our research methodologies are tailored to suit our client, the target audience and the business challenge in question, but would likely include one or more of face-to-face interviews, telephone or video interviews, focus groups and discussion groups, online surveys and desk-based research.

We apply proven methodologies to every project, and take a partnership approach to working with clients on all our projects. This helps to ensure our research and recommendations are meaningful to and appropriate for our clients.

Our approach uses stakeholder research as the key input to developing outputs such as:

  • stakeholder, member and customer needs analyses;
  • evaluations of new or existing policies, services or products; and/or
  • strategy development (including corporate, stakeholder engagement and communications strategies).


Over our long history, Andrews Group has developed an extensive range of proprietary frameworks across:

  • stakeholder engagement strategies and communication strategies;
  • corporate strategies and strategic plans;
  • marketing and brand strategies; and
  • issues management.

We believe a strategy is only as good as the understanding and commitment of those carrying out its implementation. We always employ consultative processes to ensure our client organisations have ownership of the strategies we assist with, and that any strategies are relevant and implementable.

Our strategy work is almost always conducted in tandem with a stakeholder research component.

Growth Potential Score

Andrews Group also offers a unique proprietary service – Growth Potential Score (GPS) – that provides a single score forecasting clients’ top-line growth potential vis-à-vis their major competitors.

An organisation’s growth potential is driven by brand attraction. Some brands have greater attraction than others, and people are motivated to choose the brand they are most attracted to overall. In a mature market, this leads to winners and losers of market share.

GPS provides a single score that forecasts clients’ top-line growth potential, plus that of their major competitors. A GPS score represents an organisation’s net potential gain (or loss) as a percentage of the combined market share of major competitors. These diagnostics inform strategies to improve our clients’ brand attraction, and therefore their brand’s growth potential.

We also provide our clients with research-informed strategies to achieve their growth potential identified by their GPS.

For more information on GPS, click here.

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