About us

Established in 1986, Andrews Group is a boutique research and strategy consultancy that specialises in providing our clients with evidence, insight and direction to enable strategic decision-making that delivers sustained success.

For approaching 30 years, we have helped organisations across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to adapt and thrive.

We do this by working in partnership with our clients and invest in developing a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses, seeking to add value wherever possible.

In everything we do, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and support them in achieving their goals.

 How We Benefit Our Clients

Understand the Environment
Market, social and other primary and secondary research to provide reliable evidence
Meaningful recommendations and engaging planning processes
Analysis, leading to Insight
Working from the evidence to provide a new way of looking at issues and opportunities

We employ robust market and social research methods to gather reliable evidence on the issues and questions confronting our clients. We are accredited to the industry standard for research and analysis, ISO 20252. This allows us to undertake high-quality research that is tailored to each of our clients’ needs.

We use this evidence to provide our clients with a new and different way of looking at their challenges. Through our analysis and insight, we help clients to reconceptualise their problems and opportunities, and we make plain the real issues.

From this insight, we deliver actionable recommendations that provide a clear direction on how to enact the change needed to achieve sustained success. We then work with our clients to plan the way forward, utilising proven strategic frameworks deployed by a senior team led by our Managing Director, Ray Andrews.

The Andrews Group approach ensures that our strategic thinking and recommendations are informed by reliable research and evidence that is specific to the issues in question.